For more than 70 years since the company's foundation in March 1947, its main contribution to the development of the manufacturing industry in Japan has been via the automotive industry. Japan's automotive industry is on the cusp of what is said to be a once-in-a-century period of upheaval. To respond to and win out over such sweeping changes, we intend to proactively take up challenges and reforms with courage.
As an example, the spread of electric cars, autonomous cars, car sharing, and other trends seems likely to also bring about changes in components that automobiles require. While keeping our sights fixed on such cars of the future, we are addressing the challenges that new parts represent. Accordingly, to accommodate the globalization of the automotive industry, as we expand operations at the production base in Thailand that is our subsidiary, we are also considering the establishment of more new overseas bases if the opportunity presents itself.
To press ahead with such endeavors, organizational reforms also become an important topic. One matter to be addressed is the creation of an open organization that allows lateral collaboration instead of a vertically organized setup that has barriers between different areas.
By advancing challenges and reforms on various fronts, we want to make Narumi Goukin Manufacturing ever more worthy of your confidence and trust.

【Management Principles】
We listen to the needs of society and contribute to society by providing products that exceed expectations. With the company motto "Creation and Development" in mind, we will strive for dedicated "manufacturing" and business development. We thank all the efforts that support "manufacturing" and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.

President and CEO Koki Nishigaki

ISO 14001 Certificated(February. 2004)
Main Office Plant
  ISO 9001 Certificated(March. 2003)
All Plant

Ecological response
Starting in the development stage, we choose recyclable materials as much as possible and clearly indicate the names of materials used on all our products. We’ve also created in-house networks to eliminate unnecessary documentation and create paperless environments.

Personnel Training
Nothing is more important than in-house training and ongoing education of staff when constantly incorporating latest trends in our activities and creating a company environment that can respond ideally to customer needs. That’s the reason we’re actively involved in nurturing human resources by encouraging participation in seminars, obtaining credentials and creating in-house training systems to assure the next generation of human resources.

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