March 1947 Company founding
September 1950 Participation in Aiden Kotsu (Meitetsu Railway) gun metal casting
July 1953 Development of sliders for overhead wires of Aiden
February 1955

Participation in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with scooter parts.

June 1958 Start of zinc die-casting (metal dies).
April 1965 Participation in Mizushima Plant of Mitsubishi Motors with single-seat car parts.
June 1967 Creation of Mizushima Local Office.
April 1977 Installation of resin injection molding machine (Toshiba, 1 unit/80 tons).
March 1979 Installation of large die-casting device (Toshiba, 1 unit/250 tons).
June 1983 Installation of resin injection molding machines (Sumitomo, 2 units/150 tons).
July 1989 Introduction of two-dimensional CAD system.
September 1990 Introduction of sales/purchase management system and production management system.
May 1992 Opening of Nawa Plant.
October 1993 Introduction of 3D CAD system together with creation of LAN between 2-dimensional and 3-
September 1995 Opening of Matsue
October 1995 Installation of gas injection molding device (AGI).
September 1997 Installation of robots (FUNUC, 2 units).
May 1998 Opening of Nawa-Kita Plant.
December 1998 Start of development of 2nd production management system.
December 1998 Start of introduction of in-house information network.
February 1999 Introduction of trunk on-line system connected with Mizushima Plant.
April 1999 Installation of 3D measurement device (Mitsutoyo).
November 1999 Introduction of main office network coordinated system for information.
March 2002 Obtaining ISO9001 for main office plant and Technical Center.
March 2003 Obtaining ISO9001 for all plants.
December 2003 Introduction and installation of die-casting machine (Hishinuma, 1 unit/150 tons).
February 2004 Obtaining ISO14001 for Main Office Plant.
March 2004 Installation of 5-axis NC removal robots (3 units).
March 2004 Expansion of Main Office Plant .
August 2004 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 75 tons).
February 2005 Installation of constant-temperature unit and constant-temperature/constant-humidity unit
March 2005 Installation of sprinkling testing unit (Arakawa Science).
March 2006 Installation of resin injection molding devices (Sumitomo, 3 units/100 tons).
March 2006 Introduction of CAE analysis (CATIA SA2).
March 2007 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 180 tons).
December 2007 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 280 tons).
January 2008 Opening of Kurashiki Tsubue Plant.
February 2008 Installation of die-casting device (Hishinuma, 1 unit/150 tons).
July 2008 Increase of capitalization to 39 million yen
August 2008 Installation of die-casting device (Hishinuma, 1 unit/100 tons).
August 2008 Transfer of Die-cast Plant.
Jun 2010 NARUMI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. founding.
September 2010 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 220 tons).
September 2010 NARUMI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. get BOI.
October 2010 NARUMI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. completion of work.
February 2015 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 280 tons).
February 2015 Installation of resin injection molding device (Sumitomo, 350 tons).
April 2020 Opening of Komaki Plant.

Ecological response
Starting in the development stage, we choose recyclable materials as much as possible and clearly indicate the names of materials used on all our products. We’ve also created in-house networks to eliminate unnecessary documentation and create paperless environments.

Personnel Training
Nothing is more important than in-house training and ongoing education of staff when constantly incorporating latest trends in our activities and creating a company environment that can respond ideally to customer needs. That’s the reason we’re actively involved in nurturing human resources by encouraging participation in seminars, obtaining credentials and creating in-house training systems to assure the next generation of human resources.

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